Filling & Seaming Machines

MAC/1230 Single Head Round Can Seaming Machine

Fully automatic single head can seaming machine is designed for seaming of round tin, aluminum or composite cans. Different versions are available according to can size and seam type i.e. double or triple seam. Freestanding fully automatic machine is with its own conveyor.

Functional Description:

The filled or empty can is fed to the machine by infeed conveyor. The cans are held on the conveyor by pneumatic stoppers. The cans are taken by servo drive holders, simultaneously a lid is taken from the magazine and fed under the seaming station. The can is lifted up, the lid is picked and both are pressed together against the seaming chuck. The can is stationary during seaming operation by rotating seaming head with four rollers in two variables. After that, the can is lifted down and next cycle is started automatically.

  • Fully automatic can and lid feeding

  • The can is stationary during seaming operation

  • Short tool changing time

  • High performance

  • Servo motor and PLC controller with text display for error messages

  • CE-compliant in accordance with the design requirements of the Machinery Directive

Special Production:

  • MAC/1310 Single Head Pail Seaming Machine

  • MAC/1316 Single Head Triple Tight Pail/Drum Seaming Machine

MAC/1230 MAC/1310 MAC/1316
Seam of Tin, aluminum, composite cans Tin cans Tin can, conical pail, drum
Seam Type Double seam (5 layer) Double seam (5 layer) Double/Triple seam (7 layer)
Number of Rollers 4 4 4/6
Capacity 25 - 35 cans/minute 25 - 30 cans/minute 20 - 25 cans/minute
Can Diameter 52 - 153 mm 140 - 230 mm 210 - 300 mm
Can Height 50 - 220 mm 100 - 230 mm 250 - 480 mm
Total Power - Supply Voltage 2.2 kW - 380 VAC 50/60 Hz 2.6 kW - 380 VAC 50/60 Hz 3.4 kW - 380 VAC 50/60 Hz

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